Building a Consensus




It took me a long time to pick up a book on this subject.9/11 is an emotionally charged issue for me as it is for most people.  I was saddened by the controversy surrounding the rebuilding of the WTC and memorial.  With thousands of families involved there was bound to be a lengthy (and justifiable) debate as to how best to rebuild and remember.  Families, developers, and politicians all had an interest in promoting and persuading their agenda.

This book is about compromise to reach a goal.  Compromise and building a consensus is the most important aspect of living and working with other people.  Whether it is a family, a work unit, or scout troop.  Compromise, when possible, is the best form of conflict resolution.

Chris Joseph has a great article– “Strengths of a Compromise As a Conflict Resolution.” (  Just to list the personal and professional benefits of a compromise;

1) quick settlement

2) saving face

3) culture of tolerance

4) breaking deadlocks


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