Customer Experience as a “Memorable Event”

pct_434290 ron palinkas field service managementQuite a bit has been written about manufacturing movement in the service field.  This movement called,  “servitization”, has recognized the value of manufacturers providing first line service to customers.  It removes any past layers that might exist between the customer and manufacturer while at the same providing producers direct access to product performance and feedback.  A great deal of debate has surrounded how to tie the value of service to future sales.  The move towards the customer experience performance has played a part in blending the roles of service and sales to promote the concept of the overall customer experience, the stages of which might range from a request for literature, proposals, installation, and follow-on service after the sale.

Waiter torso holding a silver tray with catering dome on a white background ron palinkas field service management

Pie and Gilmore performed some research between the sale of goods and service that accompanies those sales.  They were comparing experiences in the hotel industry, comparing the value of rooms to the value of service delivered by the staff.  I like how they transition from customer experience to memorable.

“…experiences occur whenever a company intentionally uses services as the stage and goods as props to engage an individual. While commodities are fungible, goods tangible, and services intangible, experiences are memorable”

Delivering a memorable experience is what we should all try to deliver to customers.  After all it is what we, as consumers ourselves, would like to have.


Managing Service Organizations: Does Having a “Thing” Make a Difference?

–John Bowen and Robert C Ford


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