Escape Rooms and Team Building few years a new theory is launched on the best way to build cohesiveness among small teams.  It can be things like a ROPES course, role-playing, or even and outing to a sporting event.  One of the latest “experience destinations” is the “escape room.”  A fairly straight-forward event, small groups assemble and are placed in a small rule filled with clues and puzzles.  Their goal is to escape within the prescribed time limit, usually one hours.

More difficult that it sounds, it is easier if you have people who are able to work together.,  Scouring the room for clues to unlock secret cupboards and chests.  The challenge is to find solutions and brainstorm for ideas all while working under a time constraint.  In our recent experience, this limit was one hour, trying to discover the clues to help us unlock 4 digit combination locks.  Our group had to analyze clues, decide on ways to best use our time for trying combinations, and brainstorm to make sense of the few clues we were given.

As important as the team aspects of this event were, the real value is building a history or memories of common experiences.  Teams work together when they have a common thread of events.  This is especially important with remote groups.  The escape room is one great way, but the other could be a service visit that did not go as planned,  a dinner that was not what was expected, or a trip to an art museum together.  All these events build familiarity and commonality that can move a team forward with great speed.

Try the Escape Room in Amsterdam or similar rooms throughout the world.


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