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I am sure that this video has circulated before, but it is such a great example of improving the customer experience I just had to post a link.  Although I am not a big user of Goupon I have occasionally used their deals when it was too good to pass up.  Some examples of really good deals have been a one-year Sunday subscription to the Palm Beach Post for $10 and the other was a scuba boat dive including gear for $125.  I have also followed the Groupon phenomenon through the news from it’s beginnings to it’s IPO.

This weekend I went to the site to fine-tune some subscriptions and decided the easiest way to tailor the account was to unsubscribe, re-enter my account information and then re-subscribe.  We all remember pre-regulation when unsubscrbing from a e-mail list could be a 10-step process.  Groupon took me by surprise.  When I went to unsubscribe a page told me that “Derrick” had worked hard to tailor my deals and if I wanted I could click a button and “Punish Derrick.”  A short video clip plays and someone throws a cup of water on Derrick at his desk.

If I was an upset customer and was upset and ready to unsubscribe from Groupon, this video might have changed my mind.  A great example how some innovative and responsive marketing can make he difference for a company’s visitors.

Groupon, if you are listening,I have a suggestion and a question.  How about another button for resubscribing that says “Reward Derrick”  When will we see Peoria, IL as a Groupon city?



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