Kilo Two Bravo: Leadership in Combat

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wk-kilo1113-1Kilo Two Bravo is an impressive movie I recently watched on Netflix.  I have always been interested in movies that addressed the stress, camaraderie, and duty that are experienced by those who share moments in combat.  There are may excellent movies that document the personal side of combat.  Twelve O’Clock High and Hanoi Hilton are two great examples.



eda9610ba304e2107f1755e803fd75cd ron palinkas national service managerKilo Two Bravo is the story of a British Unit in Afghanistan.  Their mission is to stand watch over an important Dam in Kajaki. In the course of observing the Taliban setting up a roadblock an element goes to a better firing position.  The group finds themselves in the middle of a minefield,  with one of their teammates critically injured.  As other units rush to the scene to assist several other mines are set off injuring more comrades.  The teams find themselves in a difficult position.  Unable to move in the minefield they must figure out how to render aid to those injured as time begins to run out for those critically injured.

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Kilo Two Bravo is a departure form other war movies about the period.  The tempo of the movie is set by the urgency of the injuries.  Rather than focusing on a battle, it focuses on true selflessness for others.  Available on Netflix streaming it is a great movie to check out.


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