Paris, NATO, and Article 5

Capture ron palinkas amazon logoOzy made an excellent point concerning the recent attack in Paris and France’s rights under Article 5 of NATO.  John McLaughlin, former Deputy Director of the CIA states”French President François Hollande has called the attacks an “act or war,” and as a NATO member, France is entitled to request a NATO consultation that could lead to invoking Article 5 of the treaty. Under Article 5, all 28 members must come to the aid of a member who is attacked.”

Paris Attack84974_gettyimages497051076 ron palinkasReminiscent of the Tom Clancy novel “Clear and Present Danger”, a declaration and request for assistance would help mobilize intelligence resources to actively combat ISIS.  Pooling intelligence resources is the first step to preventing future attacks.  McLaughlin makes an excellent point about how to prevent future attacks. “You have to do three things to combat terrorism: Destroy the leadership, deny terrorists safe haven and change the conditions that give rise to the phenomenon. At this point, we have to focus on the first two, because the third is too complicated and long-range.”

The only other time Article 5 has been invoked is after 9/11 when all 28 countries volunteered to come to the assistance of the US.

“Solidarite” clip art from Amazon, text and picture from Ozy Article The Paris Attacks: A Former CIA Chief Weighs In


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