Pause or Fast Forward?

Well, it has been a few weeks. As we all reflect on how dramatically the world has changed in a few months and the overwhelmingly loss suffered by those at home and around the world, it is time for all of us to take a personal inventory.

There will be an end to this period, a time when we all move on. Decades from now people will talk about the pandemic in the same way we talk today about 9/11, when the Berlin wall came down, and my parents about the day we landed on the moon, and when JFK was shot. “Where were you?”, “How did it feel?”, and “What did people think?”

What I would like everyone to ask themselves is, “What did I accomplish during that time?” It’s part of that personal inventory. Did you pause everything? Or did you move it fast forward? Most of us are working form home which means more time with family, more time at home, less time running errands.

Time. It’s the one thing we complain most about not having. Take this time to invest in relationships. Relationships with family-near and far. The friend you follow on Facebook, but haven’t spoken with for 5 years, a neighbor, a co-worker.

The time spent during the pandemic can be your life paused or it can accelerate it forward. It is up to each of us.

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