The Scout Law

Troop 395 Hike at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Fl




This past weekend I had the privilege of joining my son’s Boy Scout troop on a camping trip at one of our local state parks.  I say “the privilege”  because that is exactly how I feel about the opportunity to spend time and enjoy the outdoors with this group of young scouts.  One of cornerstones of Boy Scouts is the Scout Law.  repeated at every Troop meeting and on activities, it serves to remind the scouts and leaders of the basic values that are such a big part of scouting.


Whenever I have the opportunity to repeat the law with the group I remind myself that these are enviable qualities I should strive for each day.


A Scout is:

  • Trustworthy. A Scout’s honor is to be trusted. If he were to violate his honor by telling a lie or by cheating or by not doing exactly a given task, when trusted on his honor, he may be directed to hand over his Scout badge.
  • Loyal. He is loyal to all to whom loyalty is due, his Scout leader, his home and parents and country.
  • Helpful. He must be prepared at any time to save life, help injured persons, and share the home duties. He must do at least one Good Turn to somebody every day.
  • Friendly. He is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.
  • Courteous. He is polite to all, especially to women, children, old people, and the weak and helpless. He must not take pay for being helpful or courteous.
  • Kind. He is a friend to animals. He will not kill nor hurt any living creature needlessly, but will strive to save and protect all harmless life.
  • Obedient. He obeys his parents, Scoutmaster, patrol leader, and all other duly constituted authorities.

Scout law

  • Cheerful. He smiles whenever he can. His obedience to orders is prompt and cheery. He never shirks nor grumbles at hardships.
  • Thrifty. He does not wantonly destroy property. He works faithfully, wastes nothing, and makes the best use of his opportunities. He saves his money so that he may pay his own way, be generous to those in need, and helpful to worthy objects. He may work for pay, but must not receive tips for courtesies or Good Turns.
  • Brave. He has the courage to face danger in spite of fear and to stand up for the right against the coaxings of friends or the jeers or threats of enemies, and defeat does not down him.
  • Clean. He keeps clean in body and thought; stands for clean speech, clean sport, clean habits; and travels with a clean crowd.
  • Reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.









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