Service Management Questions








Quoted from “From Vision to Execution”, by Billy Marshall

Can you see the answers to these questions everyday in the metrics you review?  Do these answers simply appear in a daily report, or does someone have to grind away for weeks to give you information that is irrelevant by the time you receive it?

  • How much revenue did each technician deliver yesterday?  last week?  last month?
  • How much repair work did you quote yesterday?  last week?  last month?
  • How much in repair quotes does each dollar of maintenance work provide?
  • How long do your technicians drive on average for a dollar of revenue?
  • Which customers need to be notified right now because the tech is going to be late due to a prior appointment experiencing complications?
  • What percentage of your quotes get approved versus the total of quotes delivered to the customer?
  • How much revenue do you deliver per dispatcher/scheduler payroll dollar?
  • How much revenue did you deliver relative to the total value of revenue available last month?

If answering these questions is difficult, expensive, or impossible, or if seeing the behavior that drives these metrics is difficult, expensive, or impossible, you are blind, and a vision of a better business is just a hallucination.  To get traction, you need visibility.  When you have visibility and traction, you can drive to better outcomes.  When you get better outcomes, you get freedom.


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