"What's in your Toolkit?"

Field service is about repairing equipment.  Depending on your particular expertise, the items in your toolkit might be vastly different from another tech’s. Over the years  I have had exposure to quite a few different toolkit styles.  For a long time the soft-sided briefcase style was popular, but now I have noticed that the hard case seems to be making a comeback.  I have seen toolkits that are similar to laptop bags and my favorite is the backpack style toolkit.





Although the type of equipment that field service techs repair, I believe we all can agree that there is one indispensable tool — the magnetic screwdriver.  Truly the workhorse of the toolkit, I can say that I use the mag screwdriver on just about every service call I do.  This screwdriver comes in many shapes and sizes depending on what provides the best use for you.




ron palinkas Wiha-Magnetic-Screwdriver-1


My favorite for years has been the Wiha 6-in-1 1/4″ magnetic screwdriver.  It can be found online and in regular tool stores.  I have purchased mine through Tecra Tools for several years, and have always been happy with the service I receive from them.  Price is reasonable — $16 to $19 depending on where you purchase it.  At the bottom of this post are two links–one for Tecra Tools and the other for HMC Electronics.



ron palinkas Wiha-Magnetic-Screwdriver-2



For me, the benefits of the Wiha are is very strong magnet, the 6-in-1 magazine for bits and what Wiha calls the “power handle.”  The magnet is strong enough to hold the bit on securely, help find the missing e-clips in the dark carpet, and cheat a reed switch.  The red cap swivels, allowing you to “palm” and rotate the handle easily with one hand.   I do not normally find myself in a situation where the 1Kv rating comes in handy, but I do like the idea that the shaft does have some insulation.





HMC Electronics magnetic screwdriver field service





If you have a minute, snap a pic of that magnetic screwdriver and leave it in your comment.  I will make a gallery with a directory of mag scrwdrivers if I get enough of a response.


“What is in your toolkit?”







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