I travel quite a bit and I have had excellent luck with my checked bag.  Between some extensive travel with US Airways and Delta I can only remember 2 incidents where my bag was delayed.  The second being this trip.  Things have changed for the better with delayed luggage.  I was on a Delta flight and my bag was routed to a different city by mistake.  I checked in with the ticket counter and in a few minutes I received an e-mail from  — http://www.wheresmysuitcase.com Delta’s online tracker for missing luggage.  Through this website I was able to verify the location of my bag and also enter any updated delivery information.  Potentially a stressful situation, this online tool put me at ease right away.




Added bonus–received a toiletry kit from the nice lady at the Delta counter in Peoria.  Not a 100% replacement for my bag contents but definitely a step in the right direction.

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