Will Bolt put TiVo on Top Again?

1460954985401225899 tivo bolt ron palinkas Are there any fans of cable boxes out there?  How about digital cable cards?  I feel the I receive good value for my cable subscription, but it does seems unfair that I purchase the service and then the cable company rents me devices so that I can view it.  Okay, the cable box I understand, but separate digital cable cards for each room in the home–it adds up at $10 a pop.

TiVo is the grandfather of DVR’s.  15 years ago, much less elegant, using phone lines and a 40GB hard drive.  Premiere versions addressed programming and the new world of HD.  Multiple tuners and a 500GB hard drive.  Moving along, but still a slave to the digital cable cards and the cable box.

TiVo Bolt may signal a new era.  Replace your cable box with bolt and purchase mini-TiVo’s for each TV in the house.  Pricey, but then again you own03011_tivomini_1200-660x364 it.  For a 4 TV set up, you would need to purchase a Bolt and 4 minis.  ($700.00)  The same setup from Comcast $40 per month.  Well, turns out it is a long-term plan, but in about 17 months, you own the equipment.  Forever.

Seems like a long term investment, but 12 years ago I purchased a series two TiVo with a lifetime programming package.  Still working after all of these years.

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