Dollar Shave Club and Movember


movember ron palinkas



Once again, Movember is upon us.  At Martin Engineering there is talk of a contest one for IL based employees and one for remote employees.  At Boy Scouts there also been a lot of talk about participation.  As I contemplate whether to go “‘stache” or “full beard” my thoughts go back to my Dollar Shave Club membership.  Depending on which way I go I may reduce my need for shaving supplies or eliminate it completely for the month.  Is Dollar Shave Club equipped to deal with what could be a tremendous reduction in the need for shaving supplies?  it is estimated that 4 million men participate in Movember (source

I had thought to myself that it might be a great opportunity for Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s to suspend their service and devote the monthly subscription fees to a charity of your choice.  Not sure how either service could handle devoting subscription amounts, but perhaps they could suspend shipping and give their customers a choice of say 5 different charities to pick from.  I am a little surprised that neither companies are using the upcoming month as a way to boost visibility both for their business and the issue of men’s health.


harry’s movember ron palinkas


dollar shave club movember ron palinkas