Red Wing Shoes Video

Every day we are bombarded by information regarding products and brands.  I think we all have at one time or another looked at a product at one site or store, only to go on to another to make the purchase.  Amazon is a great example.  Visit a few stores, find the product you want, then order from Amazon — 2nd day shipping at no charge and a very liberal return policy.  How then do stores who offer comparable products help guide you to pick their store or business?  By convincing the customer that you are a better company.  I ran across the following video while looking to replace some work boots.  Red Wing has done a great job promoting their employees, their company, and their brand.  The video convinced me to spend a little bit extra for their shoes.  I have never met Jake, but if I ever need to send a set of boots to the factory to be repaired, I hope Jake is the one who takes care of them for me.

Employee Engagement

This afternoon I attended an excellent seminar given by Bob Kelleher and Tammy Jordan of the Employee Engagement Group (  The seminar focused on developing plans to increase the level of employee engagement in your organization to tap the potential of each employee.  Bob and Tammy provided surprising statistics showing the relationship between engaged employees and the profitability of companies. The course also had a practical phase which provided an opportunity to put the information to work.  I learned quite  a bit about engagement initiatives and hope to develop my plan based on their presentations over the coming year.

Bob presented a powerful video detailing the effects of a non-engaged workforce.



Linden Hill Farms, Peoria, IL

signThis past weekend we have some family in town and late in their trip we decided to take a trip to a working dairy farm.  My daughter and wife had recently visited as part of a girl scout group and as we thought of things to do for our out of town guest to see it was at the top of their list.  We visited a family dairy farm in Peoria, IL called Linden Hill Farm, run by the Rosenbohm Family.


We arrived a little cold (10 degrees) and were led to the barn to pick up feed for the chickens.  From therewe went to the coop and learned quite a bit about the process of owning chickens and managing them for egg production.  Our visitors and children had the chance to pick up freshly laid eggs. We went to the coop and learned quite a bit about the process of owning chickens and managing them for egg production.  Our visitors and children had the chance to pick up freshly laid eggs.

Farm2          Farm-3 Farm-4

From there it was off to the main event, the dairy barn.  Our guide told us that they had about 400 milking cows and told us with great credibility and love the work and responsibility to maintain the herd and equipment to keep the farm running.  Our guide talked about the way co-ops were organized and how in the past dairy farmers had been disadvantaged in the past.  As we went into the milking room she continued discussing the challenges with maintaining a farm.

farm-6 Farm-7 Farm-8 Farm-9 farm-10

Past the milking room we had the opportunity to feed some new calves with large milk bottles.  Truly the highlight of the afternoon for our children.  This morning when I reached for a gallon of milk to make cereal i though about the farm and what it took to get that gallon of milk to the grocery store and into my refrigerator.

Farm-11                               Farm13Farm-12

Linden Hill Farms run several different programs for visitors-whether it be a one time visit with a family or group (we had 9) or a school or scout group trip.  The farm also hosts a Christmas in the Barn” night a few weeks before Christmas with hot chacolate, cider, animals and stories.  I am sure we will be there next holiday season.  Their web address is  Please check it out for a big even with a big crowd or just a chance to see how a real farm works.  A great time was had by children and adults.