Born to Build

Great video from Ozinga;

Just about everyone suffered during the “Great Recession”, but no one was quite as hard hit as those in the construction trades. But despite the uncertainty and concern about the future, no one fought back quite as hard either.

Construction workers are regularly under-appreciated. Often their efforts go unrecognized, and their skills and experience are under-estimated. And yet, in spite of all that, they consistently prove themselves to be hard-working, resilient, and innovative. No matter the challenges they face or the odds stacked against them, they always persevere…not just because it’s their job to do it, but because that’s who they were born to be.

Ozinga’s Born to Build campaign is all about honoring American construction workers and celebrating everything that makes them unique and indispensable. It’s all about recognizing that our industry is nothing without their doggedness, creativity, pride, and strength of character; and about knowing that we would get nowhere without that spirit of determination they bring to everything they do.

The “Great Recession” is now far behind us and we are seeing a rapidly increasing demand for workers in the field of construction. As we look to hire drivers, laborers, QC technicians and a number of other professionals, we’re not just trying to make up numbers; we’re looking for qualified and talented people who are ready to do and be the best. What we want above all else are those singular and remarkable individuals who don’t just build because they have to, but who build because that’s what they were born to do.

Marty Ozinga IV
4th Generation, Ozinga Bros., Inc.

McCain POW

John McCain POW

I have spent some time trying to understand Trump’s comments about John McCain.  Is John McCain a hero? Is he a hero because he was captured?  True there are a lot of definitions of hero and certainly with regards to McCain there are some who would say that he is and others who say no.  But there should be no debate or doubt that McCain served honorably.

In contrast to Trump’s comments, I like people who served…whether they were captured or not, whether they served in peacetime or war, in for three years or thirty, forward deployed or based in the US.

The link  is John McCain’s first person account of the mission and his first few days of capture.  Even if you are familiar with his story, Trump’s recent remark makes it worth the time to visit again. POW Account

Field Service and Social Media


Social media has the potential to better equip field service reps to succeed. I am interested to hear if any other service groups have used social media with success.  Facebook, Google +, and Trillian have all had an impact on the business to consumer relationship, but have any organizations developed a true interactive, collaborative model for their field service organizations?  The potential benefits are significant, but only if all members of the organization take advantage of the opportunity.


“Social channels and tools are no longer solely for the world of the consumer to read reviews about restaurants or to post pictures on vacation.  Social tools have the opportunity to spark innovation, communication, and resolution for the field service team.”

Aly Pinder Jr, Aberdeen Group World of Field Service