Frijoles & Frescas

No, my post is not about a great new taco shop, although I hear they are very good.  My post is about how creative someone can be.  You start with one small idea and it grows into an internet sensation.  It’s truly the “American-Internet” dream.  Now the story, a taco shop in Las Vegas was robbed.  No one was at the store while the robbery occurred, but the good news is that they have video from several security cams.  After releasing the to Las vegas Police there are no suspects.  Frijoles and Frescas decides to release the video to the public in the hope that the burglars can be identified.  One step better, they turn the crime tape into a commercial.  A really great job.

ServiceMax and

ron palinkas national service managerThe old world service management spreadsheets and complex heavy on-premise solution software is long gone. ServiceMax is revolutionizing field service by delivering cutting edge technology to help companies achieve the flawless service delivery driving revenue growth and improving customers satisfaction. Built and delivered on the Salesforce 1 Platform,ServiceMax field service management software is a cloud application providing customers a low cost subscription model fully integrated with their CRM.

WIth SeviceMax, customers can achieve total Flawless Field Service by delivering cutting edge software solution. As a comprehensive array of field service applications, ServiceMax drives transformation in other field service functions such as:

ServiceMax efficiently manages current customer contracts in a user-friendly and simple format, making certain that information is easily accessible to employees. Maximize a technician’s time and efficiency, with the scheduling functionality. Track parts, returns, and repairs with inventory management. Increase customer service with better visibility over services and parts. Providing clients with complete visibility and strong functionality, ServiceMax offers flawless field service on-the-go!



The Original PowerPoint?

18401 Ron Palinkas The Original Power Point National Field Service ManagerThis morning I had the opportunity to attend an excellent in-house training session on effective presentations.  One of the topics we discussed is how to prepare for a presentation.  Practice, review, preparation for the material and audience are all equally important.  We also discussed that sometimes unforeseen events occur that have the potential to complicate a presentation.  A good example is some type of equipment failure. He told a story of how such a situation occurred to a colleague who had issues with his slides.  He began to describe a presentation method and it occured to me that he was describing slide projectors, carousels and slides themselves.  I raised my hand to indicate that I knew what he was talking about and instantly betrayed my age.

Is this where the term PowerPoint “slide” came about?


photo-9 Ron Palinkas The Original Power Point National Field Service Manager 556514186_183abfac7f_b Ron Palinkas The Original PowerPoint Presentation National Field Service Manager

remote1a Ron Palinkas The Original PowerPoint Presentation National Field Service Manager


Kodak Slide Projector Video