About Ron

Thank you for stopping by.  Early in my career I served in the Navy as an Electronic Warfare Technician, spending most of my 6 years assigned to Cruisers and Guided-Missile Destroyers.  My experience on ships, especially ones deployed overseas, shaped a perspective that has lasted a lifetime.  Attention to detail,  dedication to a course of action, and calm, objectivity in face of adverse conditions were important attributes then and continue with me to this day.

Since leaving the Navy, I have worked in the field service industry.  First as a front-line service representative and then on to positions of regional, national, and international responsibility.  I am challenged by the day-to-day pace of running a service department that focuses on customer service, lean operation principles, and bringing value to customers and organizations.

Conservative Department of Labor estimates place the number of field service reps in the United States at 5 million. Most of these field service reps are remote employees,  who perform the majority of their duties at customer locations.  This category of field technician represents an unprecedented amount of expertise, customer knowledge, and business intelligence.  How best to harness this potential has been debated in the field service management industry for decades.

My passion is developing and realizing the potential of this largely unseen and unrecognized group.  Strategic vision, development of uniform standards, lean management principles, and objective implementation is the path that leads service organizations from where they are now to where they can go.  Field service is the final frontier of customer relationship management.  It challenges me each day and has been the focus of my professional career.

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